Our enclosures focus on safety first. We manufacture our enclosures with several exclusive features that make them safer and more functional than any other testing enclosure available.

Testing Enclosure Safety Assessment

Our process often begins and / or includes a Testing Enclosure Safety Risk Assessment. To make a sound recommendation on what type of enclosure is needed for your specific situation, we need to first asses what is presently being used. In many cases it may only be a simple guarding type roll-away or enclosure. In other cases, there may be an enclosure in place that is adequate, buy might need a few modifications such as blast resistant hinges, or door locks. Regardless, our extensive experience in engineering and building bunkers allows us to do a full risk assessment.

We provide a full write up that includes:

  • Observations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Recommendations

Careful attention is given to three main areas:

  • Safety
  • Productivity
  • Best Use of Shop Space

Engineering of Certified Testing Enclosure

Our enclosures are engineer designed, certified, and guaranteed. This not only helps with your insurance provider and rates, but mitigates liability and most importantly, ensures that your employees are as safe as possible. Each enclosure is designed and certified for the maximum testing pressure, possible projectile size, and testing medium that will be used. Careful attention is given to 3main areas:

Industrial Construction

RBI can also meet a multitude of industrial construction needs including facility expansion, specialty foundations, and retro-fitting industrial buildings.